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Revelator: Bruno Guez’s royalties revolution : Legrand Network

« I needed new tools to modernise my label, » he explained. « I met with these software developers and we started to develop tools around copyright assets. Now, it takes me three clicks to do my accounts, whether I have 10 or 10,000 artists. The solution, at the start, was my solution; but I understood rapidly that I was creating a solution for all rights owners. »

Guez said the changes were rendered necessary just by the sheer “explosion of data that is crushing companies.” For him, the lack of ability to process data is the main problem for most companies and rights societies. “The explosion of data is challenging for any right owner,” he explained.

Revelator, he added, is set up to finds solutions of workflow to manage complex data situations. “I did not want to manage the old way,” he explains. Very quickly, Revelator developed a rights management platform that was beta-tested with 1,000 Israeli artists. “Managing data is a good business,” he said. « So I approached distributors like CD Baby to provide them with services.”


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