Boost-Up/Industries Créatives, appel à candidatures

Soutenir financièrement la mise sur le marché de produits, biens ou services, conçus et réalisés par des industries créatives de Wallonie. Celles-ci doivent avoir lancé leurs activités, passé l’étape de la création d’un prototype, testé ce prototype et être prêtes à le vendre, que ce soit un bien ou un service.


Date limite prochain dépôt de candidatures : 15 janvier 2017. Montant total de l’appel : 40.000 euros

Norwegian live biz grows to four-year high 

The value of the Norwegian music industry grew to a four-year high in 2015, with the live sector once again accounting for a majority of music revenue.
Total turnover increased 5% to 3.73 billion krone (kr) – roughly US$440 million – and live revenue 4%, to 1.93bn kr ($228.87m), on 2014, generated from ticket sales in Norway and artist fees from concerts outside Norway, reveals a new report by the Norwegian Arts Council (Kulturrådet). The figure is the highest since the council began compiling its Music in Numbers reports, in 2012.
Export income from concerts, however, fell 6% to 114 million kr ($13.7m), with a “fall in artist fees” blamed.


55 Best Live Music Venues In NYC

When it comes to live music, New York, New York is arguably the greatest city in the world.  The Five Boroughs doesn’t have a few places to listen to live music, it literally has hundreds.

Creating a list of the 55 best live music venues in New York City was an arduous, lengthy, and rewarding task.  There are so many great places in The Empire City that no matter how long you make your list, you’re bound to leave a few good ones in the dust bin.


Busting The Myth That Artists Don’t Need Record Labels And Producers

Over the recent years, there’s been a lot of hype over self-releasing tracks and cynicism directed at labels, and while there are many arguments in favour of going it alone, the beloved record label is definitely far from being redundant.  It needn’t be a chore sending demos to record labels – major and independent labels are always looking for artists. From creative direction to distribution and promotion, there’s a whole lot more to putting a record out than just making it available on Beatport/Juno/Track source et al, which is why ”it’s a myth that artists don’t need labels anymore”.


En route pour une nouvelle aventure : Coup de Coeur francophone : au revoir Steve 

Nous vous annonçons que Steve Marcoux, programmateur au Coup de cœur francophone, quittera notre organisation le 22 décembre prochain pour aller relever un nouveau défi.

Je me joins aux membres du conseil d’administration, aux partenaires du Réseau canadien et à l’équipe montréalaise pour lui témoigner notre entière reconnaissance pour le travail accompli au fil des 7 dernières années et lui souhaiter le meilleur succès dans sa nouvelle aventure.

D’ici à ce que ce poste soit comblé, nous vous invitons à faire parvenir vos communications à Caroline Pelletier à qui en assurera le suivi.

Alain Chartrand
Directeur général et artistique


Sibiu Jazz Festival Competition 2017 

The declared purpose of Sibiu Jazz Festival is to contribute constantly and continuously to the revitalization of the jazz movement in Romania, by connecting the European and international styles in jazz and by promoting young jazz musicians in the country and abroad.


Deadline for applying to the competition is Monday, 13th March 2017.

Piranha Arts 30th anniversary!

Piranha Arts is an independent creative company made in Berlin since 1987. From the very start, music has been our driving force. Our aim is to increase the value of crossing borders – be they cultural, political or commercial. Drawing from more than 25 years of experience as cultural innovators, technical developers, curators, partners and multipliers, the Piranha Arts tree now has six dynamic branches.


Commission Européenne -Modernising VAT for e-commerce: Questions and Answers

Companies that sell e-services such as mobile phone apps can already sell to customers in other Member States while only registering for VAT in their home Member State. They account for all their VAT in a single quarterly return, through an online portal hosted by their home tax administration. VAT revenues are then transferred from the home tax administration to the relevant Member States to which the company has sold e-services to consumers.


Skype Translator assure la traduction vers les fixes et les mobiles 

Microsoft propose désormais d’utiliser son outil de traduction automatique en temps réel non plus seulement entre deux utilisateurs de Skype, mais aussi vers les lignes fixes et mobiles.

Depuis maintenant quelques temps, Skype inclut une fonctionnalité de traduction automatique en temps réel dans son service de messagerie instantanée et d’appel en voix sur IP (VoIP). Seulement, cet outil ne fonctionnait jusqu’à présent qu’entre deux utilisateurs ayant installé le logiciel.

Cette limitation vient de sauter. Microsoft a annoncé le 8 décembre que Skype Translator est désormais capable de fonctionner aussi si l’un des deux correspondants utilise une ligne fixe ou mobile standard (il faut bien sûr toujours que l’autre personne utilise Skype pour que le processus de traduction puisse s’accomplir).


Pratique pour ceux qui ne maîtrisent pas les langues ? Si vous essayez merci du retour 🙂

Vinyl indignity: record sales are up, but small labels don’t see the benefit

The relentless spin on the so-called “vinyl revival” is getting ridiculous – as the Daily Mash pointed out in a piece about how vinyl has become more popular than food. The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) has been spinning this line for the last couple years, since taking over the reins of Record Store Day. But feelgood stories such as this week’s are like those backmasked records that may or may not have contained satanic messages: gibberish. The truth, for many labels and shops, seems to be the complete opposite.