Mois : juillet 2017

Vidéo de présentation de la première édition du MIL à Lisbonne

WBM était partenaire de cette première édition du MIL à Lisbonne.

MIL is a festival and an international music convention whose mission is to promote and spread the contemporary pop music from Portuguese-speaking countries. Having Lisbon as its host, MIL is an incentive for the dialogue between the music industry from Portuguese-speaking countries and the international sector.

On vous tient au courant pour la seconde édition en 2018….

Why modern music TV is about much more than just TV viewers

But how the new show connects won’t just be measured in overnights. Its success rate will also be seen in viral YouTube views and follow-up Spotify streams, in magazine articles and tweets about the artists who make landmark appearances or fall flat on their faces.

So the biz should do everything in its power to deliver the talent the new show needs to make it a regular fixture, rather than a six-week dalliance