Mois : août 2017

The internet is a lot less democratic than you think

Consider this: Google companies get over 50 billion visits each month. There are only 7.5 billion people on this planet, and only about a third of them have regular internet access. That means that every person with internet access visits Google almost every day. The search engine decides what you will find, because these visits aren’t free. Some company has sponsored your trip on the web and expects the search engine to deliver you to them.

Right now, the net is in a consolidation phase. A few big players are gobbling up niche providers and creating enormous storefronts and networks. Sure, there’s still infinite variety on the web, but good luck finding it. Look at the retail sector, where 55% of all searches for online products start with Amazon, which also accounts for over half of all the retail growth on the web. The numbers for Facebook, Netflix and Wikipedia are similar for their own domains. The same thing happened to television in the 1950s when hundreds of local broadcasters were forced into three networks by the economics of scale.

Bandsintown, l’appli qui connaît la musique

Gratuite, l’application Bandsintown prévient ses quelque 35 millions d’utlisateurs dès que l’un de leurs artistes préférés monte sur scène près de chez eux.

Bandsintown n’en finit plus de remplir les salles du monde entier. Ses leaders, les Français Fabrice Sergent et Julien Mitelberg, n’ont pourtant jamais fait vibrer le moindre ampli. Ils sont à la tête d’une application gratuite, disponible en six langues, capable d’envoyer des notifications lorsque l’un de vos artistes préférés monte sur scène près de chez vous. Une appli qui cartonne: 35 millions de fans à travers le monde se sont déjà inscrits (dont les deux tiers aux Etats-Unis).

Luxembourg Sounds Like… invites Belgium Booms @ Reeperbahn Festival

For the first time this year, music:LX will invite its dear neighbours from Belgium Booms to bring you a special edition baptised: Luxembourg Sounds Like… invites Belgium Booms. As simple as that.

The traditional music:LX delegate cocktail and showcase at Kaiserkeller are always packed with international industry people, excellent Luxembourgish wine and finger food, and of course, with the most exciting and promising up-and-coming acts. This year’s special Luxembourg Sounds Like… (invites Belgium Booms) is organised in partnership with Sonic Visions Music Conference & Showcase festival, the Embassy of Luxembourg in Berlin and Wallonie-Bruxelles Musique and is presented by Intro Mag.

At this year’s edition, taking place on Friday the 22nd of September, you’ll be able to discover alternative R’n’B genius Edsun, the very danceable Indie band Tuys and the Iceland-infused electronica When ‘Airy Met Fairy, as well as the Belgian punk noise band Cocaine Piss.

Solidarité Wallonie-Bruxelles avec le festival Chanson de Petite Vallée

Vous avez sûrement été aussi stupéfait que nous d’apprendre que le Théâtre de la Vieille Forge de Petite-Vallée, centre névralgique du Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée avait brûlé le 15 août dernier . La solidarité se met d’ores et déjà en route au Québec. Nous allons relayer les initiatives, mais aussi en susciter ici en Wallonie-Bruxelles en soutien à la reconstruction de ce lieu de chanson indispensable.

Ecoute des radios en Belgique (francophone et néerlandophone). CIM – 2ème vague 2017

Nous mettons les chiffres les plus importants à disposition du grand public. Ces chiffres sont calculés sur l’univers suivant : > La population de 12 ans et plus
Trois fois par an, le CIM publie des chiffres d’écoute des radios en Belgique. Dans chacune de ces trois vagues, environ 8.000 répondants sont invités à remplir un carnet d’écoute pendant 7 jours. Ils indiquent par quart d’heure quelles radios ils ont écoutées. Le recrutement des répondants est effectué par le biais d’une enquête face-à face au domicile, sur base d’un tirage aléatoire d’individus ayant 12 ans ou plus.

‘They could destroy the album’: how Spotify’s playlists have changed music for ever

However, just as artists, labels and users are starting to get a handle on how playlists work, the floor below them is about to give way. We see playlists as visual, text-based entities, but the rise of the voice-activated speaker – with Apple and Google looking to close ground on Amazon’s Echo – could change everything again.

“[The future] is going to be much more around situation and context for the user and the music they are looking for at a particular moment,” says Vivero. “People are going to have to know enough about a song or an artist to ask for it by name.”

U.S.A. – Nielsen study: Millennials consume lots of audio 

Average monthly reach for broadcast radio has stayed steady for both Millennials and the older respondents, although the audience is 167 million for 35 and up and 72 million for Millennials. Both groups have shown a steady rise in the average monthly reach for digital radio. Average monthly reach for digital radio is 48 million among Millennials and 57 million for 35+ respondents. Although radio has a smaller share of Millennials’ media diet, the bracket spends the same amount of time tuned in as they did a year ago.

7 Essential Clauses In An Artist Management Deal 

One of the most important relationships in music is between the artist and his or her manager.

The manager’s specific role will depend on the manager and band, but generally the manager advises and directs the artist in connection with all matters relating to the artist’s professional career in the entertainment industry.

That’s pretty broad. As such, it’s important that the artist and manager are on the same page about the manager’s role, and also about their collective goals, and expectations of each other.

‘The digital revolution has strengthened many labels – especially in the independent sector’

If recent major label acquisitions are anything to go by, the label services and distribution market is gaining in vitality.
So what does all of this consolidation mean for the independent companies left in the market?
One of those is Netherlands-based firm FUGA, which has spent the past decade growing its network of label partners to over 5,000 worldwide.
Is CEO Pieter van Rijn concerned about the recent shifts?

L’ESTIVAL – Saint Germain en laye – prise en charge professionnels/artistes – candidature

L’Estival à Saint-Germain en Laye du 1 au 3/10/2017 ( )

Appel à candidature destiné aux agences et artistes auto-entrepreneurs de
Wallonie et de Bruxelles

Vous êtes :
– une agence de spectacles et représentez des artistes de Wallonie ou de Bruxelles chantant en français ?
– Un(e) artiste auto-entrepreneur, chantant en français et ayant une stratégie de développement sur les pays francophones ?

Alors tentez votre chance !

WBM vous offre la possibilité de vous rendre 3 jours à L’Estival qui se déroulera cet automne à Saint-Germain en Laye. Nous prendrons en charge les frais de transport, d’hébergement, ainsi que l’accréditation professionnelle