Mois : janvier 2018

Spotify risque de perdre plus de la moitié de son chiffre d’affaires dans une action en dommages et intérêts

L’affaire est loin d’être anodine. D’abord en raison du catalogue concerné. Il porte sur des artistes d’envergure internationale comme les Doors, Neil Young, le chanteur et le guitariste de Rage Against The Machine et d’autres grosses pointures du genre, Tom Petty, Weezer, Stevie Nicks ou Dan Auerbach des Black Keys… Autrement dit, des gros vendeurs.

Ensuite – et surtout – parce que le montant réclamé est colossal. On parle de 1,6 milliard de dollars, soit plus de la moitié du chiffre d’affaires 2016 du géant suédois du streaming, qui s’élevait à 2,933 milliards d’euros.

Nielsen Music 2017 U.S. Year-End Report Reveals 12.5% Increase In Total Volume For Music Industry

The NIELSEN MUSIC U.S. Year-End Report confirms that the music industry experienced significant overall growth in 2017, with total volume up 12.5% over 2016, fueled by a 59% increase in On-Demand Audio streams compared to last year. On-Demand Audio streams surpassed 400 Billion streams in 2017 (compared to 252 Billion in 2016), and overall On-Demand streams (including Video) have exceeded 618 Billion. The industry did experience another year of sales decreases in nearly all formats, particularly digital album and track sales. However, exceptional growth in streaming easily off-set the declines, resulting in positive growth for the music business in the UNITED STATES.

France – La banque de l’entrepreneuriat culturel étend sa surface financière 

Accompagner la construction du ; faciliter le déménagement de la galerie d’art In Situ Fabienne Leclerc vers un local plus spacieux ; afin de permettre au festival d’assurer les frais de répétition en attendant de toucher les recettes des spectateurs ; faciliter le rachat du label Harmonia Mundi par l’indépendant PIAS… : ce sont autant d’exemples des missions de l’Institut de financement du cinéma et des industries culturelles,…

Pop star videos make sweet music for Vevo

Vevo, the music video company owned by a group of leading record labels, increased its revenues by 30 per cent in 2017 thanks to swelling global audiences for high-budget pop star videos.

Vevo made about $650m in 2017, a jump from $500m in 2016, the company said.

According to Vevo, advertisers have shifted to its platform after pulling millions of dollars from YouTube when they found that their campaigns appeared alongside extremist or offensive content.

U.S.A. – Mechanical royalty overhaul of the Music Modernization Act reaches House of Representatives 

It would also change the rate court process for performing rights organizations ASCAP and BMI, allowing for randomly selected judges to decide royalty rates rather than keeping one judge assigned per organization. Finally, the act would allow rate courts to consider the performance royalty rates for recordings when considering musical work performance royalties; current copyright law does not allow that.

Bandcamp 2017: The Year in Stats

Maybe this weird year has made everyone a little more cynical. When I was asked to write my now-traditional The Year In Stats post, it was very tempting just to re-run last year’s stats and tell you what changed (OK, so, I did do that—we’ll get to that later). It was tempting to wow you with big numbers (our servers sent out about 42 BILLION images in 2017!). It was even tempting to try to mention all the new exciting stuff we launched this year (36,000 bands and labels using the new app! Bandcamp gift cards!).