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The odds of an artist becoming a ‘top tier’ earner on Spotify today? Less than 1%.

Daniel Ek wants Spotify to flatten the ‘gatekeepers’ of the traditional music business.

In doing so, he says, the platform will grossly improve the amount of money that a great swathe of artists are making from their craft.

Ek offered some revolutionary patter at Spotify’s Investor Day in New York earlier this month, where he boldly informed his audience that his service “doesn’t believe in gatekeepers” – before laying down a thrilling, scene-stealing proclamation: “Our mission is to enable one million artists to live off their work.”

This sounds absolutely brilliant, of course.

Especially when you consider what’s been said many times about those dastardly music biz ‘gatekeepers’ – that they have constructed such an elaborate maze of an industry, only the exclusive ‘one percent’ can ever hope to make the big bucks.

The ‘one percent’. Remember that phrase.


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