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U.S.A. – Musicians Are Poorer and More Abused Than Regular People, Survey Says

Other notable findings include low median income, higher rates of mental health struggles, and a higher rate of substance abuse compared to the general public. Surveyed musicians reported a median income of $35,000, with $21,300 coming from music related sources in 2017 (the report also points to the American Community Survey’s findings, which puts musicians’ annual median income between $20,000 and $25,000 from 2012 and 2016; general median personal income is estimated at $31,099). The majority of those music-related earnings (81 percent) were reported to be from live events, and findings also indicate a high degree of skewness—that is, inequality—within those earnings. Sixty-one percent of participants said their music-related income was not enough to meet their living expenses.


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