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Spotify Can Boost an Artist’s Royalties by $163,000 With One Playlist Add

Spotify now has the power to make an artist famous — with one playlist add.  It also can dramatically boost an artist’s earnings with a simple drag n’ drop.
According to a study recently conducted by the University of Minnesota and the European Commission’s Joint Research Center, songs remain on Spotify’s top-ranked playlist, Today’s Top Hits, for an average of 74.4 days.  At the time of this article’s publishing, that playlist is just shy of 20.3 million followers.

With that many followers, an artist has a serious chance of catapulting a long-term, lucrative career.  In the short term, getting included in that single playlist may dramatically increase that artist’s revenues.

Furthermore, songs that are in the Today’s Top Hits playlist typically experience a play count increase of nearly 20 million.  This equates to a tentative royalty payout of between $80,000 and $163,000.


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