Mois : août 2018

La recommandation musicale au service du partage et de l’expérience live – avec Morgane Canastra, CEO de Wyker

La musique est une expérience qui se partage. Basée sur l’essence même de cet art, la start up Wyker menée par Morgane Canastra souhaite capitaliser sur les affinités musicales de chaque utilisateur de son application pour susciter la découverte et la rencontre lors des concerts qu’elle recommande. Outre l’explication de la technologie derrière l’application, celle ci nous livre l’importance de la passion dans sa gestion de son équipe et des services proposés par la start up.

Sony’s latest EMI deal should be cause of concern for regulators, say the indies 

IMPALA boss Helen Smith says these developments – especially now that they will give Sony 100% control of EMI – should be a cause for concern for regulators.She said: “Sony’s results confirm that its bid to acquire control of EMI Music Publishing is 100%. It will make the merger control process even tougher for Sony. The Michael Jackson estate was part of the structure that Sony previously built around EMI. With that falling away, it completely cuts out the safety net that prevented Sony from doing what it liked with EMI publishing”.She went on: “The European Commission will be acutely aware of this, as that was a key part of its analysis when it first looked into Sony buying shares in EMI. Even then it insisted on divestments, so it is difficult to see how this could be approved. The EC will be particularly concerned about Sony using its new combined power across recording and publishing to leverage more from digital music services and consumers”.

Finding the Balance Between Creativity and Business

As a musician in today’s music industry, you often have to wear multiple hats. Of course, you play the role of the creative: writing, experimenting, playing, practicing, and creating are part of your core being.But there’s another hat: the business hat. More and more musicians are coming to terms with the fact that by building their career, they are in fact creating a small business — a business for which they are the CEO. That means you need to be thinking strategically.

Reminder : 8 Ways To Promote Your Band –

Promoting a band is tricky business these days. Tools and tricks that worked wonders even five years ago don’t work nearly as well today. In case you haven’t noticed, the music industry has undergone a complete transformation in the span of just a couple of years.Where listeners used to rely on full-length albums for their music, they’re now flocking to playlists. This means that to get the most out of promoting your band, you’ll have to approach things a little differently. Here are eight ideas to help you get started:

Pitchfork Launches Dedicated Hip Hop Vertical

Pitchfork today debuted a new section dedicated to of hip-hop. “Levels, » the first new section to launch on Pitchfork since “The Pitch” debuted in 2013, hopes to be « the essential destination for hip-hop obsessives. »Levels is led by senior editor Timothy « Timmhotep » Cornwall. Previously, he led NPR Music’s hip-hop and R&B coverage and wrote for music titles including MTV, Rolling Stone, Complex, VIBE, and XXL. His team includes staff writer Alphonse Pierre, contributors Stephen Kearse, Briana Younger, and contributing editor Sheldon Pearce.