Mois: septembre 2018

When Should You Consider Sync

Sync licensing is an important driver, both creatively and financially, for artists, composers and producers. At a basic level, granting a sync and master license means to allow a third party to use the copyright and sound recording of a musical work in timed relation with visual media (ie. TV, Film, Ads, Trailers, Video Games, etc..). In my experience, sync is an art form that can add a dynamic layer to an artist’s story while also providing a significant revenue stream.  

Cette étude prouve que le marché des musiques électroniques n’a jamais été aussi performant •

La musique électronique file de (très) beaux jours. Lors du premier jour de la Paris Electronic Week, les équipes de Shotgun et Technopol présentaient leur étude-bilan du marché des musiques électroniques sur les trois dernières années. L’état des lieux dresse une explosion et une diversification de l’offre événementielle, face à un public de plus en plus diversifié et exigeant. Compte-rendu.

 Festival Competition In Europe Starting To Affect Ticket Sales

While 2018 has been a very successful year for the European festival industry as a whole, some promoters fear that the immense competition could hurt ticket sales in the long run.   When questioned about what had affected ticket sales in a negative way, 58 percent of those that volunteered an answer mentioned competition. This marks a shift from last year’s survey, when a lack of headliners was mostly cited as having affected sales.   The lack of names to lead the bill, which is partly tied to increased competition, remains the number-two reason for declining sales, followed by severe weather.

BAM! Performing Arts Consulting :  U.S.A.  New Regulations from USCIS and IRS Affect Touring Artists

Prendre connaissance de changements importants pour les artistes étrangers se rendant aux U.S.A. Un exempke :
Thirdly, the IRS, as of October 1, 2018, has decreed that individual performers must earn a minimum of USD$10,000 in gross income during the calendar year to even be allowed to apply for a CWA (Central Withholding Agreement). This means that all members of a performing group must meet this minimum as well. Any individual who does not qualify for a CWA under the new rule will be subject to the statutory 30% withholding on foreign artist fees in the United States.