Mois : septembre 2018

This is how we should be measuring global streaming subscribers

Streaming services should be putting subscriber acquisition over other performance metrics. A subscriber lost could be a subscriber gained to a competitor. To examine services’ progress, I created the chart (see below) from data released by MIDiA Research.There are two main ways of looking at these numbers. Method 1 is commonly used and often mentioned in the media. Method 2 is far more informative and important.

Marketing : Quelles alternatives à Facebook et Google ?

Dans ce contexte d’hyper-domination, nous avons cherché à savoir si des alternatives crédibles existaient. Par facilité, les annonceurs ont tendance à choisir les GAFA qui offrent un reach massif et des formats multiples, d’autres acteurs permettent pourtant d’obtenir d’excellentes performances. Les éditeurs : une audience plus importante que Facebook et Google Challenger les Gafas et continuer à innover L’importance d’une offre multiple  

Top 10 Showcase Festivals For New Music 

Nowadays with the vast amount of music on offer for consumption, it doesn’t take long until your current music taste is deemed old-hat and you’re left in the doldrums of contemporary culture.The music industry is an ever-weaving tapestry. An ever-pounding drum. An ever-spinning record. So, to help you keep up your heading bobbing above the endless ocean of new music, we’ve curated the list of music industry showcase festivals (in no particular order) you need to know about to stay ahead of the trend and spot the guaranteed industry game-changers.

Spotify opens the floodgates: artists can now upload tracks direct to the streaming platform for FREE

The game really did just change.Spotify has today launched a new feature which will enable independent artists to upload tracks to the service directly – without any requirement for a third-party aggregator or record label.The feature currently remains in invite-only beta mode – with a few hundred US artists being ushered in – but Spotify says that, in the future, it will “bring upload to even more artists, labels, and teams”.Artists will be able access the upload function via the Spotify For Artists platform, which counted more than 200,000 verified acts amongst its monthly user base at the end of June.