Mois : septembre 2018

Amazon is recording and releasing exclusive new music (but labels keep the rights)

Amazon is making its own recordings – and nailing down the exclusive on them – through its new Produced By… series.The retailer has this week released a number of new exclusive recordings by Grammy-winning artists including Al Green, John Prine and Margo Price, labelling them Amazon Originals.Like Spotify’s Spotify Singles, however, the recorded rights appear to be owned by the artist or their label.

Africa: The Rise of an Undervalued Music Powerhouse – Exclusive White Paper

Midem today publishes an exclusive white paper devoted to the music business in Africa.Its findings include:Potential for developing the continent’s music industry is massive, driven by cross-genre talent and a music-hungry fan base that is young and mobile-friendly. Major labels including Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment are showing renewed interest in doing business in Africa.
Artists, labels and governments need to improve understanding of the value of copyright, structure (or establish) their rights collection services and provide copyright protection.
The idea of creating a pan-African guild representing and promoting rights owners across Africa, providing a forum for cross-border discussion within the music business community and capable of lobbying at an inter-governmental level.Africa should launch more regional music streaming platforms carrying local artists.
There is a need to develop adequate concert venues and establish a network of talent agencies and management and simplify the movement of performing artists throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Trans-Europe Supersonic Express: The Continent’s Live Market Explodes

Live business is booming in Europe. Greenfield, indoor and street festivals, multi-day open air concert series, family shows, theater performances, real or electronic sports: fans have literally thousands of events to choose from.The offering ranges from gigantic 90,000-capacity flagship events such as Rock Werchter in Belgium to boutique festivals, like Summer Nights at the Bandstand in Glasgow, Scotland. The intimate 2,250 capacity series of twelve concerts just surpassed £1 million ($1.3 million) at the box office for the first time this year. The wealth of choices, combined with cheap flights, has fostered travel-happy festivalgoers. A recent survey by Festicket, based on an analysis of its own member base of over 1,000 festival partners and 2.5 million-plus users, showed a 29 percent increase in people going abroad to music festivals.

Mid-Year 2018 Streaming Market Shares

Music subscribers grew by 16% in the first half of 2018 to reach 229.5 million, up from 198.6 million at the end of 2017. Year-on-year the global subscriber base increased by 38%, adding 62.8 million subscribers. This represents strong but sustained, rather than strongly accelerating, growth: 60.8 million net new subscribers were added between H1 2016 and H1 2017. This indicates that subscriber growth remains on the faster-growth midpoint of the S-curve. MIDiA maintains its viewpoint that this growth phase will last through the remainder of 2018 and likely until mid-2019.