Market Potential: African Music Business On The Move

by Ben Oldfield, Orchard VP France, Benelux and West Africa from The Orchard’s Daily Rind

The African continent represents a massive potential market for music consumption in the streaming era. The sheer volume of smartphone users on the continent could equate to a great additional source of audio streams — outdoing some current usage figures worldwide.

It will be fascinating to see how this economic development becomes a reality. What changes could become influenced by this new listener base? What impact will this change have on musical usage, consumption, and, even, production? The truth is, billions, not just millions, of new consumers could gain access to music across this continent in an easily accessible, legal and monetized form. It’s no longer a dream but more a question of when, rather than if.

However, an entire ecosystem will not be able to enter the marketplace overnight. To build a strong foundation in this market, one of the key factors is understanding their relationship between streaming platforms and telephone companies.

In Africa, Telcos can potentially become the vital funnels for this consumption for a mass market dependent on their supply of data, which can currently only be purchased outside usage bundles for music services locally except for a few models just starting out.



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