5 Key Priorities For New Artists

For those fresh-faced artists just arriving on the scene, there are several important steps they must be sure to take in order to ensure they have at least a chance of success. Here we outline what the the top five priorities of new artists should be.

1. YOU HAVE TO BUILD A TEAM :If you have decided to pursue a career as an artist, you must know that you cannot do it alone. Having a strong team with experience and connections can be the key to furthering your career. 

2. CRAFT :There are two main categories of your craft: musical/technical ability and live performance.

3. BUILDING A GREAT LIVE SHOW :It is important to keep fans interested and engaged so that they will come back to the show next time you’re in town.

4. MEDIA :build and establish a digital presence.

5. BRANDING :Your brand is what separates you from every other artist in your genre.

Source: www.hypebot.com


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