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PRS for Music, PPL Dramatically Expand Their Music Recognition Capabilities

The UK-based organizations have just announced a broadened partnership with DJ Monitor, one of Europe’s top providers of in-venue music recognition technology (or ‘MRT’).  DJ Monitor, based in Amsterdam, essentially offers an industrial-level Shazam-like solution for clubs large and small, with a rack-mountable device installed in the venue.

According to details shared with Digital Music News, DJ Monitor has been piloting its recognition solution with PRS and PPL for roughly one year.  So far, the groups have tracked ’31 million seconds of music,’ which sounds like a lot of music, with about 95% of that being properly matched to rights owners.

DMN has been covering this technology extensively, while showcasing a range of different companies advancing this space.  That includes a small but highly-competitive group of companies that can install in-venue detection hardware, with DJ Monitor leading the pack.


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