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Deezer upstages Spotify in North Africa

he Deezer deal comes after an exclusive digital distribution agreement with Rotana Records took place in August. Rotana is reportedly the biggest record label in the Middle East and an exclusive deal with them means only Deezer users will get access to the label’s repository of music.

“As Rotana is the first and leading Arab music company in the world to have always surpassed many other companies in the digital music world,” said Salem Al-Hindi, CEO of Rotana Audio & Video Group, “we realized that it was time to conclude a partnership agreement with Deezer, a world leader in high-quality music, in order to reach the largest segment of users in the MENA region and in many parts of the world.

“This agreement will certainly benefit both parties and the biggest and main beneficiary will be the artists who are signed with Rotana, as well as all music lovers in the Arab music.”

Users can access playlist curated by such editors as PopTop Arab, Rapstars Maghreb United and Shaabi Essentials in Arabic. New users are being offered half a year of Premium access.

“We are really excited to bring Arabic listeners a unique and unrivalled blend of the best exclusive Arabic music and the most popular international tracks in one place,” Deezer CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht.


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