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The Enigma Of Securing Your Copyrights In China 

Business is generated when your customers are not getting free content elsewhere and you provide high quality service. In China customers are still enjoying free legal content but like other streaming services in the West must sit through ads. With multi-function social media applications such as WeChat with now over one billion monthly active users (MAU’s), it has become very easy to pay for entertainment, music and video subscriptions. Revenue from licensed digital music have increased 200% in 2017 from 2014, mostly collected from music streaming.                                                                                                                                      
If you are an artist signed to Sony, Universal or Warner you are bound to their servitude. Bonus for the independent music industry and even if your music is on itunes or other providers who distribute to China, you still have a possibility to use a service like, and get the most extensive reach to Chinese audiences with 33 providers. This is essential to control the illegal music still floating around in China. By securing your copyrights through official channels only then can your music be monitored and the pirated copies of your music be removed.


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