The Business Model That Makes Streaming A Black Hole For Musicians

( Long point de vue détaillé, en anglais, dans Medium par Ben Williams)

Most of what’s in this piece has been published in various trade sources over the past couple of years, but what really prompts putting it together as a single piece was Nora Germain’s article You Have No Idea How F****d Streaming Really Is, published on Medium on Dec. 10, 2018. If you haven’t yet read it, you probably want to read it first. This effort aims to complement the well taken points Nora made. She wrote as a professional musician defending the creative work of musicians, arguing that what is going on with the streaming platforms is horrific, and making the case that music has value that should be paid for. I’m endeavoring to describe the underlying business dynamics that have created the music monster we’re now dealing with. I’m no musician, but have been in the music industry for twenty years: operated retail and distribution music web sites, produced three albums, and most recently developed and sell e-commerce software for music.

Suite de l’article :


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