The tale of the King, the Mammoth… and the future of the music business – Michel Lambot

What is certain in this story is that the two Kings are now facing a simple problem: the internet is much bigger that they expected it to be when they passed their bills.

It is not endangered anymore. The structure supporting the musicians, though, really is in trouble.

To stop this happening, the Kings must amend their laws.

This is no fairy tale: it is the reality of what we are facing every day in our fight with Google and YouTube.

How long will our main sources of streaming revenue (Spotify and Apple Music) survive if their subscription services are in competition with a free service?

How long will it be before you will be able to listen to YouTube on all your devices in the background of other applications?


Québec : L’ADISQ prend le train de l’écoute en continu

De nouvelles statistiques le disaient encore mardi : de moins en moins de gens achètent des disques pour favoriser plutôt l’écoute en continu — le streaming. Une tendance de fond qui force l’industrie musicale à réaligner ses flûtes — y compris l’ADISQ.
L’Association québécoise de l’industrie du disque, du spectacle et de la vidéo a annoncé mardi qu’elle jouerait désormais sur la plateforme Apple Music le rôle de « curator » ( « agrégateur de contenu » en français). L’ADISQ proposera sur le populaire service des listes de lecture visant à faire la promotion de la musique québécoise et de ses artistes.


Musique: contre les morceaux formatés, « cette chanson est pour toi! »

contre la musique formatée, un label bruxellois réhabilite l’artisanat et le lien « personnel » entre l’artiste et son auditeur (-trice) avec des morceaux uniques spécialement enregistrés pour l’acheteur, sur un disque ou même une bonne vieille cassette.
Il n’est pas question d’argent : l’artiste ne touche qu’un euro par disque ou cassette et le label ne dégage aucun bénéfice dans ce projet dont les ventes se limitent à quelques dizaines d’unités par an. Ce dont il est question, c’est de proposer une façon décalée de diffuser et d’écouter de la musique à l’ère du streaming.
« C’est un concept assez unique au monde », assurent à l’AFP Sylvain Chauveau, compositeur de musique, et Florent Garnier, promoteur de concerts, deux Français exilés à Bruxelles fondateurs en 2012 de I Will Play This Song Once Again Records.


PASSPORT APPROVED – Radio Show international

Passport Approved is an independent internationally syndicated tastemaker import radio show that airs on many stations in the U.S. and around the world including the World Famous KROQ 106.7 Los Angeles, 107.7 The End in Seattle, Flux FM in Berlin Germany, 99.1 Radio Doble Nueve in Lima Peru, 104.1 KRZQ in Reno,, 94.7 KKDO in Sacramento, 94.7 KNRK in Portland, East Radio Shanghai, China, PUK-FM Johannesburg, South Africa and national digital radio on 2XM in Ireland to name a few.


Music Submission Guidelines:
To submit an international artist for airplay consideration, please email stream & download links to Josh Woodard at Please do not email mp3 attachments.

Australia- Live Music Office Creates Mapping Tool To Support Artists And Industry

The Live Music Office has built an online map to help bring the live music sector closer together. Essentially a tool for artists and the broader live music industry, the map highlights everything needed to tour the country. From venues to gear hire, community radio and booking agents, the Live Music Map plots businesses all over Australia including:
Live music venues
Radio stations
Recording and rehearsal studios
Music education centres
Production and backline companies
Agents and promoters
Music organisations

Developed in association with the South Australian Government through the Music Development Office (MDO) and the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap), the Live Music Map is hosted on the Live Music Office website.


Primera Linea – festival et conférence musicale à La Havane

An international music conference and festival to explore Havana and its music and to meet the players. The event will be centred around conferences, workshops, showcases and dedicated networking opportunities to meet Cuban music operators and artists. It will be organised and produced to high international standards.

Furthermore, there will be music-related trips for international delegates and an opportunity to enjoy more of the great Cuban cultural life, as Primera Linea will take place parallel to the renowned Habanarte Festival.


Festival Management Masterclass Gent 2016

The Festival and Event Management Masterclass is an intensive 2 day programme that has informed and inspired people involved in creating, managing and developing festivals and events in over 20 countries. It is a highly practical course full of ideas and examples to increase knowledge and improve their events. It includes sessions on key tasks and challenges for festival and event organisers such as Marketing, Working with the Media, Programming, Evaluation, Sponsorship and Fundraising. The course has been presented successfully in Brussels, Antwerp and Kortrijk but this will be the first time the Masterclass has run in Gent.


A Royalties Survival Guide

With ever increasing sizes of data, an evolving music ecosystem and a demand for greater transparency, the world of music royalties is becoming an ever more important sector. Tied in with the ability to analyse the data to give vital insights into your business, it is now crucial to understand the finer details of royalties and the best ways to work with the results. This report from The Music Royalty Co. sheds light on the process and discusses the latest trends emerging today. It is a survival guide that everyone should take note of! Download now!


Blockai protects your copyright using the blockchain

Blockai wants to change all that by using the power of the blockchain to help you register and protect your work online. While copyright laws are still rather vague and corporate-centric, it’s not necessary for artists to register with the US Copyright Office to maintain a copyright. That said, it certainly makes it easier to prove when the copyright was created and to assist in legal battles should they arise.


Luxembourg : Plus de 450 participants aux Assises culturelles – 

Le Premier ministre, ministre de la Culture, Xavier Bettel, a été présent pour la clôture des assises. Après le résumé des sessions par les 4 rapporteurs, Xavier Bettel a expliqué les suites qui seront données aux Assises culturelles. Il a annoncé que Jo Kox, ancien directeur administratif du Casino – Forum d’art contemporain et président du Fonds culturel national, a été chargé du suivi des assises et d’approfondir les discussions. Xavier Bettel a souligné que les assises ne sont pas la fin, mais le début d’un dialogue constructif avec le secteur culturel.


International Songwriting Competition | The #1 Song Contest for Songwriters

The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is an annual song contest whose mission is to provide the opportunity for both aspiring and established songwriters to have their songs heard in a professional, international arena. ISC is designed to nurture the musical talent of songwriters on all levels and promote excellence in the art of songwriting. Amateur and professional songwriters and musicians are invited to participate. ISC has the most prestigious panel of judges of all the songwriting and music contests in the world, offering exposure and the opportunity to have your songs heard by the most influential decision-makers in the music industry.


Universal combines playlist and compilations strategy as it rebrands UMTV

Universal Music UK has signaled its intentions to move compilations into the streaming age with the launch of an all-new brand: Universal Music On Demand.

Streaming poses a unique problem for compilations companies: if 100m+ consumers are permitted to create playlists on the likes of Spotify for free, is there any way to return value from such services to those experts whose job it is to select, mix and order tracks?

Also, what’s to stop streaming platform users from simply copying such expertly-chosen collections of tracks… and never needing to buy a compilation album to enjoy the privilege?

These are the posers Universal Music On Demand (UMOD) will have to tackle… having killed off and replaced the UMTV brand at the major label’s UK HQ.

UMOD will co-ordinate Universal Music’s playlist strategy across the UK company, working with all of the group’s labels and building on its existing suite of playlist brands including 100 Percent, THIS IS, Radio Active and HITS.


Apple Music now in 114 countries as it launches in Israel for $5 a month 

Apple Music has now launched in Israel, adding another number to the total tally of countries it’s available in where Spotify is not.

Spotify is currently in 60 countries (plus additional subsidiary regions), whereas Apple Music exists in 114 – that’s 59 more – despite having only launched in June last year.

Apple Music now has 15 million paid users around the world, while Spotify boasts 35m.