Semaine du son : 2 concours !

La Semaine du Son a le plaisir de vous annoncer l’organisation de deux concours pour son édition 2017 !

Concours de sonorisation d’un film muet, Saïda a enlevé Manneken-Pis, en collaboration avec la Cinémathèque
Règlement du concours sonorisation 2017

Bulletin de participation concours sonorisation 2017

! Date ultime de rentrée de la bande son: 30 novembre 2016 !

Concours Field Recording – Les sons de Bruxelles, en collaboration avec la Ville de Bruxelles

Règlement du concours Field Recording 2017

Bulletin de participation concours Field Recording 2017

! Date ultime de rentrée des séquences: 2 janvier 2017 !

Source: Simplifies Broadcast Monitoring Worldwide Inc. is a private U.S. based firm that has developed a user-friendly platform which provides music clients with lucrative and creative marketing research initiatives. The company also provides insights that are personally designed to help music related companies all over the world drive profitable growth and expand to new heights. Inc., also known as DRT, is a premier radio airplay broadcast monitoring solution that tracks radio airplay of songs on over 5000+ radio stations around the globe. These stations are comprised of: Terrestrial FM (Commercial & Non-Commercial), College, Satellite as well as thousands of streaming Internet radio stations. DRT has customized an all-inclusive, superior tracking technology software that monitors radio airplay detection of songs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.


Sony’s $750m buyout of Sony/ATV has been cleared in Europe 

By tying up the Jackson Estate deal, Sony becomes the third major to take full global control of a publishing company after Warner Music Group (Warner/Chappell) and Universal Music Group (Universal Music Publishing Group).

As reported on MBW last week, Sony/ATV is already by far the biggest publisher in the world in terms of the volume of copyrights it controls.

Across both its own repertoire and its administration of the catalogue of EMI Music Publishing, Sony manages over 4.2m songs.


Comment utiliser Facebook Live sur desktop gratuitement 

Facebook Live permet de diffuser du contenu en direct sur Facebook (si votre compte est certifié). Ce nouveau format est particulièrement engageant. Mais il faut normalement passer par son smartphone pour streamer le contenu, et donc se contenter de contenu non edité. Mais il peut être intéressant de streamer via desktop et sa webcam ou de diffuser son écran d’ordinateur. Pour ce faire, il suffit de passer, comme l’explique en détail Social Media Examiner, par un logiciel gratuit : OBS studio que vous pouvez télécharger sur ce lien.


Le monde de l’éducation musicale réuni à Glasgow

Une éducation musicale de qualité accessible à tous les enfants dès le plus jeune âge, c’est le leitmotiv qui rythme la 32e Conférence de la Société internationale de l’éducation musicale (ISME) à Glasgow du 24 au 29 juillet. Plus de 2000 professionnels participent aux débats et tables rondes.

« Permettre l’accès aux enfants à une bonne éducation musicale tout au long de leur scolarité et dès le plus jeune âge est un des meilleurs investissements que l’on puisse faire pour des générations futures. » 


Pink Floyd: Blockchain technology in music could be ‘truly revolutionary’

According to the report, there are four main areas where blockchain could transform the music industries:

A single, networked database for music copyright information, rather than the many, not-quite-complete databases maintained at present;

fast, frictionless royalty payments, whereas payments can currently take years;

transparency through the value chain, allowing musicians and their managers to see exactly how much money they are owed, as opposed to a culture of non-disclosure agreements and « black boxes »; and

access to alternative sources of capital, with smart contracts – contracts implemented via software – potentially transforming crowdfunding and leading to the establishment of ‘artist accelerators’ on the model of tech start-ups.


Record Labels Need a Change of Culture in the ‘Dashboard Era’ of the Music Industry 

To take an academic look at music marketing, the traditional ‘sale’ was usually somewhere near the end of a customer experience journey: awareness, discovery, interest, interaction, purchase, use, cultivation, and advocacy. Now we have a situation where the ‘play’ is conceivably part of every step. So thinking holistically, if we view ‘experience’ as the product of a record label now, we need a way to measure it effectively, and that’s why it feels like there is a data ‘arms race’ going on at the moment.


Dailymotion in Critical Condition One Year After Vivendi Acquisition 

This month marks the one year anniversary of Vivendi’s acquisition of Dailymotion for over $272 million, but, as often happens in acquisitions, the companies have struggled to integrate.

The result — Dailymotion will shutter its Palo Alto office and is hemorraging employees faster than they can replace them including its senior team.


Music Dealers heads into liquidation 

Chicago-based licensing and distribution digital music firm Music Dealers is heading into liquidation.

Founded in 2008, Music Dealers was created to license and distribute digital music, largely from unsigned artists, to the advertising, TV, film and gaming industries.

In a letter sent to its its clients/creditors and obtained by MBW, the company said it’s closing operations as a result of “significant startup costs and several years of operating losses.”


Live Nation revenue up across the board

Live Nation delivered accelerated growth in the second quarter, with revenue up 23%, operating income up 76%, adjusted operating income (AOI) up 28%, and free cash flow up 22%. 

Each of its core divisions – concerts, advertising and ticketing – contributed to the performance, with revenue and AOI up double digits in each business.

Through mid-July the company sold more than 50 million tickets for concerts that take place this year, 17% ahead of this point last year.


Les DOMS: Candidatures festival Avignon 2017 (musique : Têtes de Jazz à l’AJMI)

Petite relance avant les vacances pour les appels à candidatures festival au Théâtre des Doms, dans le cadre de Têtes de Jazz à l’AJMi.





La ligne de programmation :
Le projet candidat doit consister en un travail artistique contemporain et récent, privilégiant une démarche créatrice et novatrice.
La sélection se veut le reflet de la diversité des expressions de Wallonie et de Bruxelles et témoigne de l’exigence qui caractérises ses artistes.

Le projet doit allier musique jazz et théâtre.
La programmation sera rendue publique fin février 2017.

Dépôt et validation des candidatures avant le 15 janvier 2017.